Mount Everest


Apr 6, 2022
Mount Everest

The true story Of Mount Everest?

Earth’s highest mountain above sea level. It is also the highest mount worldwide. The elevation of Everest is about 8,848.86 mature from the earth. It means Everest is 29,031 feet high. In 2020 the feet were established by Chinese and Neapolitan authorities.

Mount Everest attracts many highly experienced mountaineers. There are two routes for climbing Everest. One approaching the summit from the southwest in Nepal. The other route from the North is Tibet. When the climber takes the challenger they choose the standard route to make it easier. At present, Everest has some dangers such as Weather, Altitude sickness, and wind. In 2019 over 300 people have died on Mount Everest, many of whose bodies remain on Everest. British Mountaineers were made the record to reach the Everest summit. For this reason, Napel was canceled to enter their country’s people.

Who is The Younger Person to Climb The Everest?

Many climbers in the world are rich to the summit of Everest. Jordan Romero was the fast younger person who won Everest. It is so good and happy news for all the people of the world. He was an American climber and at the age of 13, he has riches at the summit of Everest.

Base camp Of The Mount Everest

There is two base camp system for Everest. On the opposite side of Mount Everest, This is known as a south base camp is in Nepal it is at an altitude of 5,364 Metars. Another side is South Base Camp Tibet, 5150 meters from the camp. The southwest people use this route to make the best performance. These two camps are so good and also needed for all the users. Base camp is needed for all the mountaineers who take the challenge of climbing there. Every climber also gets 24/7 hours of support from these two camps.

Trekking to the base camp of Everest is so hard it does not mean going walking in the park. It’s a technical clime. If you are mentally and physically fit, likely up to be you can complete the challenge. So we can also say to you that it is so a hard and tough trek at altitude over at last 10 days. Insanely tallying of Mountain blocking your view. From day one of the hikes, you will have a good view of Everest. You’ll have also snaped Mount Everest from the other part of the hike.

There is no road from Kathmandu to Luka and as a result, the only method for transporting heavy goods is by plane. North base camp is so good and also an easy road for all the climbers. They can take good access for making the mission easy.

How Cold is it at the top of Mount Everest?

At different times there is different weather on the summit of Everest. In January average is -33° F (-36 degrees celsius) it can also drop to -76 degrees F (-60 degrees celsius). In June the temperature gets down to -2 degrees F(- 19-degree Celsius). Generally speaking, it’s cooler at night and also a tiny warmer during the day. In December 2012 the coldest temperature is -42 degrees Celcius it was recorded temperature. The warmest temperature was recorded at -16 degrees celsius.

When you get up at a high elevation there is less air pressure. Less air pressure means thinner air pressure. So on the summit of Everest low oxygen in the air to breathe. You are also surprised that at the top of Everest their ⅓ oxygen is available as there is at sea level. 

As the air rises the pressure decreases. Low pressure and higher altitude cause the temperature to be colder at the top of Everest.

How much does it cost to climb Mount Everest?

The standard support for climb range is from $28,00 to $ 85,00. The fully custom clime will run it over $115,000 but though who are taking an extreme risk can skimp $20,000. Topically there are included transportation items food, base camp tents, and also supplemental oxygen. Those who are trying to climb without permits face a fine they face twice fine. 

You will also discover the beautiful natural beauty there. A man can feel better life in this place from his crowd life. So we recommended you for visiting there and enjoy the natural beauty. In mount Everest, you will see the rich hydropower, light, and wind energy resource. Many kinds of resources you will find there.

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