6 Kidney disease and its relationship

6 Kidney disease and its relationship

6 Kidney disease and its relationship

The kidney is one of the important parts of our body so it has a large contribution to the movable body in the proper way. For the reason of our healthy body, kidney wellness is needed because we know that health is well. We need to know about the details of the kidney. First, we should know about the structure of this. The kidney has two bean-shaped and each size is just like a fist. The kidney has taken place on both sides of the spine. 

The main status of the kidney is below the ribs and behind the belly.  Each kidney size is about 4 or 5 inches long, which everyone knows. Filter blood is the most important theory of the kidney. The main activity of the kidney is a filter of waste and other extra fluid from the body, on the other hand, the kidney also removes harmful acids from the body easily. For the activities of kidneys all day long the water, salt, sodium, calcium, phosphorus and potassium go to a good level in our body easily.  

In other functions kidneys, it removes drugs from the body and the balance system of hormones is so good for blood pressure, kidney realises vitamin D which is so good and important because it brings the body healthy bones. The red blood component is balanced by kidney function. Now below, we just discuss kidney diseases and how we can prevent this from the body easily. 

There are different types of diseases in the kidney, and all the problems and symptoms is so dangerous for 

the kidney’s overall health. Even if they are attacked by a kidney problem leading a healthy life (CDK) couldn’t affect dangerously the body and it is not possible to repair the kidney that has happened. The (CDK) isn’t dangerous for the kidney because in different studies it has been proven. Here has been found that premature death is caused by chronic kidney disease and dialysis isn’t an actual solution for the (CDK) solution. 

  • Kidney Stone

A kidney stone is a hard thing on the inside of the kidney which is made of minerals and salts.  There are different types of causes of kidney stones among them diet, being overweight, and taking some medical conditions like certain supplements are the causes of kidney stones. 

There are different types of symptoms of kidney disease, vomiting, chills, pain, fever are main calamities. These are known as kidney stone symptoms. A sharp and cramping pain in the back and side of the kidney and the feeling spread to all parts of the body. The actual pain starts suddenly and it moves to the abdomen. Sometimes it comes suddenly and some stones will pass easily otherwise it needs treatment. Doctors use sound waves or surgery to break up and remove them.

  • Kidney Infection

Kidney infection is another dangerous thing that occurs with the kidney. The main causes of this are bacteria and viruses and they live in the bowel. The most medical doctors believed that the infection started as a bladder infection and this moved upstream to both sides of the kidney. kidney infection may be a serious matter among people because the last consequence may be death. So in these cases, all should see a doctor as soon as possible so don’t wait to see the infection in the kidney. 

  • Nephrology 

Basically, nephrology is so important for the body of kidney treatment because that is internal medicine for the disease of the kidney. All the nephrologist experts are working to solve all the kidney problems. Different types of treatment are included in nephrology among them blood circulation, plasma exchange, medication, and renal replacement therapy may be another treatment for the nephrology. 

Nephrology may be so dangerous for all people because it is the last step of kidney disease. In this case, a nephrologist recommended you for dialysis and this work will be done by those specialists. Even they also advise replacing kidneys and that may also be another solution to this disease. 

  • Polycystic kidney disease

It is another disorder for the kidney in real life because for the developing clusters of cysts the kidney goes into enlarging and loses its functionality. Normally cysts contain fluids and they grow very large. Autonomous dominant Polycystic kidney disease (PDK) is known as an inherited disease among people worldwide and 1 in 1000 people are suffered from this. 

There is no solution to the autosomal dominant polycystic kidney disease and it is also not possible to stop forming the cysts but some solutions are available tolvaptan is so famous treatment among them because it reduces the growth rate of cysts. So, we must be conscious of this problem. 

  • Kidney Cancer 

The kidney has two bean-shaped and each shape looks like a fist and the main location at behind the abdominal organs. Carcinoma is known as the main cause of kidney cancer. Every year a huge level of people are suffering from this kidney cancer and among them, two-thirds of people are diagnosed with the system as treatment and 93% of people feel very well in their afterlife.

How to Cure Kidney Disease

Basically, there is no cure for kidney disease, but some proper cures are available in whole over the world. Now we are going to know step by step how to cure kidney disease:

  • One most important thing is to change your lifestyle. Why not, regular activities must affect the kidney largely. Good activities are associated with the body and that is related to maintaining a sound life. In your daily habits you must need to eat healthy food, stop smoking, and do regular exercise like walking, swimming, and running. 
  • Medicine must take because it is so important to control various problems of the body. Like blood pressure, high cholesterol, etc. 
  • Good control of high pressure is so needed for kidney disease cure. Generally, most people get down their blood pressure to below 140/90mmHg. For but who are suffering from diabetes the blood pressure needs to be below 130/80mmhg.
  • High-level cholesterol is so harmful to all people and even those who are kidneys problem with high cholesterol may so risky. Heart attacks and stock are causes of high cholesterol. So, all should control high cholesterol. 
  • If anyone suffers from kidney disease the legs, hands, and ankles will swell in a short time. In this case, you just need to reduce salt and fluid intake according to the advice of the doctor.

A lot of people are believed that kidney disease is hereditary. Now we are going to know is kidney diseases are hereditary. Basically, we know that genes which we get from our parents bear some personal attitude which is same as our parents. 

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