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07 March in the pages of history


Mar 7, 2022
07 March in the pages of history

1835 – British Raj abolishes French in government offices in India and introduces English.
1861 – Debut of the first weekly ‘Dhaka Prakash’ of Dhaka city.
1917 – Jazz records first sold in the market.
1923 – Third Peshawar conspiracy case begins.
1971 – Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman delivered a historic speech at Ramna Racecourse Maidan (now Suhrawardy Udyan) calling for the liberation struggle in Bangladesh.
1973 – The first general election is held in Bangladesh.
1985 – The famous song We Are The World is released internationally.
1986 – Challenger crash USS Preservator divers confirm the location of the Challenger’s cabin crew on the seabed.
1989 – Diplomatic relations between Iran and the United Kingdom are severed. Salman Rushdie caused complications between the two countries.
1999 – A bomb blast at the Udichi festival in Jessore kills more than 200 people.
1857 – Birth of the Nobel Prize-winning Austrian physician Julius Wagner-Jareg.
1907 – Akhil Chandra Nandi, anti-British revolutionary and communist activist.
1911 – Sachchidananda Hirananda Batsayan is a popular Hindi poet and novelist of India. (Died 04/04/1987)
1914 – American actor Janardhani is born.
1931 – Shanku Maharaj is a renowned Bengali travel writer (d. 18/10/2004).
1938 – Birth of Nobel Prize-winning American biologist David Baltimore.
1939 – Daniel Gerard, French singer and songwriter, is born.
1946 – English singer, songwriter, keyboard player and producer Matthew Fisher is born.
1954 – Birth of German chemist Otto Dills, winner of the Nobel Prize.
1955 – Indian actor Anupam Kher was born.
1961 – American actress Mary Beth Evans is born.
1987 – French footballer Hatem Ben Arfa is born.
1999 – Vijay Kumar.
1932 – Death of a French politician and Prime Minister of France, winner of the Nobel Prize.
1954 – Niharbala, a well-known dance actress.
1982 – Bimal Ghosh, children’s writer.
1988 – American actor Robert Livingstone dies.
1997 – Nobel Prize-winning American physicist Edward Mills Parcel dies.
1999 – Stanley Kubrick, an Academy Award-winning American film director and producer.
2000 – English actor Charles Gray dies.
2009 – South Korean actress Zhang Jae-yeon dies.
2013 – Willie Seatcase, American actor dies.
2017 – Kalika Prasad Bhattacharya, an Indian musician, Dohar Folk Band

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